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Let's talk design with Bruce Lee.

Martial arts helps you to experience the designs

Open your mind

Bruce Lee often told students that if they already thought they "knew" everything, they should leave his class.

"If your cup is full, you cannot fill it. So first, empty your cup."


As you start to design something, step away from your preconceptions. Good design solutions come from a fresh open mind.


People you talk to or books you read won't always be right or perfect, but there is almost always something to learn from them.


Always listen to other designers for feedback and value their ideas too. Don't stick to your own thoughts and ideas. 


In order to learn and grow one must be open to new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new understandings. 

How it will work in design

Following Bruce Lee's advice, I have identified some key lessons he taught and lived by that are applicable to experience design.


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