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They can copy your idea, but not your mind

They can copy your idea, but not your mind.

They can copy your idea, but not your mind. If you come up with a great idea, be prepared to be copied. But don't get upset They don't have the same Problem solving logic and the same idea realization process. They don't have the same Passion and vision for future idea improvements and scaling. They…

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Start.it Creative Digital Agency

Our story, how we started delivering digital delicacies

Launching amazing products since more than 10 years. How we started The idea of launching a creative web agency it's nothing new, actually it was in our mind since mid-school, back in early 2000 in France.We learnt how to code basic HTML/CSS at that time with a teacher that come from a tech college, creating…

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Let’s talk design with Bruce Lee

Let's talk design with Bruce Lee. Martial arts helps you to experience the designs Open your mind Bruce Lee often told students that if they already thought they "knew" everything, they should leave his class. "If your cup is full, you cannot fill it. So first, empty your cup." 01. As you start to design…

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