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Tips to fasten Figma workflow.

Small but awesome tips to work faster in Figma

Figma's users, this post is definitely for you, soon it won't have any secrets for you anymore, you'll know from A to Z the whole software.

Alright, even tho you are more on the Adobe XD or Sketch side, it's still essential to follow the trends and what's going on the other UI/UX design tools. And to be honest, these tips might convince you to start working on Figma.

Launched by the designer Trong Nguyen, the website Awesome Figma Tips is listing for you all the tips to boost your workflow. Often updated, you won't miss anything since it's very well explained and illustrated by Trong. Each tips are explained with a video.

Here are few tips to give you a quick preview.

Export and share any element with copy & paste

How to share quickly share a frame without selecting and exporting it?

  1. Select a frame
  2. Right click -> Copy/Paste -> Copy as PNG or ⇧(Shift) + ⌘ + C
  3. Paste (⌘ + V) and share

Adjust image position

Fill an image with Crop is a very helpful option. Here is a quicker way to access it

  1. Select a shape/image element
  2. Hold “⌥ Option” keyboard and Double click right mouse
  3. Move/resize the image to adjust its position

When to use Frame vs Group


When resizing a group, its child elements will scale as you would expect vector artwork to scale.



When resizing, a frame’s bounds will be resized independently from its child elements. So each elements can have different constraints.

Full function progress bar component

We can use this component for any state of loading, from 0 to 100%.


  1. Create a parent frame and make sure “Clip Content” is checked.
  2. Create a child frame with auto-layout applies for a text layer.
  3. Change text to define different loading states when using.

Paste above a layer

The fastest way to bring an element to a dedicated position, by paste above on layer.

  1. Copy an element with “Copy + C”
  2. Select a layer
  3. Press “⌘ + Shift + V”

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